Can We Talk?

Circle R Brands | Brand ArchitectsAt Circle®Brands we speak “human” and take a human approach to naming. Generating names from a computer program is counter-intuitive.

Conventional wisdom says brands are a promise. Imagine making your promise in a foreign language. It doesn’t translate to customer-centricity and it certainly won’t translate to sales. Simply put, engaging your customers in a dialogue starts with your name. If you’re not speaking their language, how can you expect to do business with them? 

At Circle®Brands our names speak to the soul. They’re intuitive, emotive, relevant and clever. That’s because we believe you and your audience want straight talk, not mumbo jumbo.

But we don’t stop there. The way we see it a “brand identity” is not just a brand name, a logo or a tagline. If it’s really good it’s all of those things working together synergistically to capture the attention of the consumer. All said, that’s the art of sending a powerful message that’s positively memorable.