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Great creative is at once rare and wonderful. The pursuit of it is our motivation and a constant source of inspiration for us. 


We firmly believe all great brand messaging shares one quality—a respect for people’s most precious commodity: time. Respect for our clients’ and their customers’ time is fundamental and governs every decision we make. Thus, before we present a concept we test all of our names, taglines and logos against this benchmark. To propose anything less is like teaching a pig to sing: it wastes your time and annoys the pig! 

At Circle R Brands we speak the “human” language and take a human approach to naming. Generating names from a computer program is counter-intuitive.

Conventional wisdom says brands are a promise. Imagine making your promise in a foreign language. It doesn’t translate to customer-centricity and it certainly won’t translate to sales. Simply put, engaging your customers in a dialogue starts with your name. If you’re not speaking their language, how can you expect to do business with them? 


At Circle R Brands our names speak to the soul. They’re intuitive, emotive, relevant and clever. That’s because we believe you and your audience want straight talk, not mumbo jumbo.


But we don’t stop there. The way we see it, a “brand identity” is not just a brand name, a logo or a tagline. If it’s really good it’s all of those things working together synergistically to capture the attention of the consumer. All said, that’s the art of sending a powerful message that’s positively memorable. 

If you’re too far down the branding path to change your name but want to seal your company’s positioning in the consumer’s mind, a well-crafted, succinct tagline can be of great value. An engaging tagline can serve as an emotional hook for a name that lacks emotion, a promise for a brand that can deliver on it, an abbreviated mission statement, or your point of difference in the marketplace. Simply put, taglines are memory triggers that reinforce the reason to do business with your brand. 

And don’t dismiss the ability to bolster your company’s image through a professional logo. A logo is your company’s “coat of arms”: a tangible visual representation of your company’s brand. Logos should never be rendered in isolation, they are part and parcel of a meaningful brand experience. Great logos add visual clarity, instill confidence and evoke the experience of your company’s product or service. Each of the aforementioned elements are crucial in developing an integrated brand identity and sending a powerful message that’s positively memorable. 


Bottom line, Circle R Brands' endeavors reveal a deliberate emphasis on conscientious quality, conspicuous originality and meticulous attention to detail. We look forward to playing a dynamic role in your company's success.

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