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Look who's talking about Circle R Brands | Brand Architects


~Gwendolyn Bounds | Writer/Author - The Wall Street Journal

“Here’s a new twist on start-ups: Buy a brand name first–then start your company.

At, there are several brands for sale, like ‘We Do the Math®’ for aspiring accountants or ‘BloomService®’ for the floral business. Each brand already has a registered trademark, logo, registered domain names and a vanity to free-number, All that’s left is too, well, build the business.”

~Jeffrey Zaslow, Reporter/Author - The Wall Street Journal

“Glad to see this on Good-luck with Circle-R-Brands! Cool concept.” 

~Sandra Sellani - The Sellani Group Brand Strategists and Award-Winning Author, “What’s Your BQ (Brand Quotient®).” 

“Your concept is AMAZING and truly unique. So many people struggle with developing brands. I know there are people out there that need you. If I know of someone who can use your service, I will definitely send them your way.”   

~Carol Frank - BirdsEye Consulting and Acclaimed Author, Entrepreneur & CPA

“I am impressed with your forward thinking and creativity.  I think you may have hit on something here as I think you will see more people than ever trying to “break out and break away.”  

~Doug Hall - Founder & CEO Eureka! Ranch, USA National Innovation Marketplace

"WOW, Very - Very - Very Cool!This is a DRAMATIC Difference!"

~Karen Post - The Branding Diva® Author, speaker & owner/branding practitioner at Brain Tattoo. 

"WOW!!! I love what you’ve done." 

~Allan Boress CPA, CFE Internationally acclaimed speaker & author. Twice named one of the Top 100 People in the Accounting Profession by Accounting Today Magazine.

"What a great idea. WE Do the Math® at 1-800-CPA-MATH. Brilliant."


Commenting on the WE Do the Math® Brand Identity Package

~Graeme Thickins - Founder & President, GT&A Strategic Marketing Inc.

"Branding & Marketing to Win in the Knowledge Economy"

“I love it!  You obviously know what you're doing with naming!!! You have a great foundation here, to do some really solid marketing of your business. Love the "service" thing...fantastic positioning or differentiation in this market. Congratulations -- you're way ahead of most startups! " :-) 

Commenting on the BloomService® Brand Identity Package

to be continued...

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