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Intellectual Property

Welcome to the intersection of marketing and innovation where we "think differentiated."

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." ~Peter Drucker

Circle R Brands is on the forefront of changing the creative model of the branding agency, as category defying ideas become the currency of creative companies. We’ve always believed an ‘idea’ is a terrible thing to waste. What differentiates Circle R Brands from the rest is our branding industry first, wherein we’ve reverse-engineered the conventional approach to branding by creating and trademarking some of the most comprehensive, engaging and memorable pre-packaged brand identities in their respective industries – all in advance of a client or client initiative. 


In our ever-increasing need for speed it’s hard to imagine a startup or re-branding effort that takes a year or more to get off the ground. Most companies agonizingly endure waiting for brand name and tagline trademark clearances and get bogged down in the procurement of complementary toll-free vanity numbers (if they're lucky enough to secure a true seven-digit vanity number) and identical domains for a new or invigorated brand. For some, pulling the proprietary brand elements together may seem an impossibly cumbersome task, for others the wait is over. 


Our ready-made brand identities vastly accelerate a firm's impact and time to market with instant cachet and memorability by way of their distinct registered brand names and taglines, logos, complementary toll-free vanity telephone numbers, web addresses, and complete marketing strategies. These one-of-a-kind, multi-channel brand identities offer one-stop shopping for industry-specific firms seeking to hit the ground branding and catapult promising startups into ubiquitous household names. They're also ideal for companies wanting to fast track their rebranding or repositioning initiatives.


Contact Circle R Brands to learn more about these unique brand packages we have for sale that await your infrastructure. If you don't see what you're looking for here, we encourage you to put our inventive brand architects to work for you, creating a complete brand package that offers your company a sustainable competitive advantage and a clear promise of distinction.

Brand Packages

BloomService Logo.jpg


The ultimate brand identity package for the cannabis industry. Our one-of-a-kind intellectual properties with their familiar "Room Service" association offer every memorable revenue-generating channel available for the sale and support of cannabis consumption and include the unforgettable registered brand name and indelible logo for BloomService®, the tagline, "Delivering a Higher Standard," the rare global toll-free 800-vanity number 1-800-IN-BLOOM and nine matching domains. 


Complete background information and support materials are available by contacting Circle R Brands.


We Do The Math®

WE Do the Math® at 1-800-CPA-MATH is an utterly distinct and strategic group of distinguished multi-channel brand marketing intellectual properties created for accounting and/or tax services firm(s). WE Do the Math® offers the singular opportunity to OWN the ubiquitous “do the math” catchphrase in the accounting/financial/tax industry and march to the tune of a different accountant. The WE Do the Math® brand identity properties were designed to empower a forward-thinking firm or network of consumer-centric accounting service firms with the registered brand name/tagline and logo for WE Do the Math®, the global toll-free vanity number 1-800-CPA-MATH and matching domains.


Complete background information and support materials are available at

LaBeatOh!® Logo.png


LaBeatOh!® is a multi-faceted brand identity package that blends music and merchandising into a worldwide franchising concept revolving around a unique and exciting Latin-themed dining and entertainment venue. This upbeat branding package includes the registered brand name LaBeatOh!®, a registered trademark for the tagline Feed the Urge®, the complementary global toll-free vanity number 1-888-LABEATOH and matching domains.


Contact Circle R Brands to learn more.

get SMITTEN Logo .png


On par with the hugely successful and iconic state branding campaigns "I Love New York" and "Virginia is for Lovers," Circle®Brands created the get SMiTTEN!® campaign for the Love of Michigan, playing off the geographically unique mitten-shaped state. This "call to action" campaign includes the global toll-free vanity number 1-866-SMITTEN and domains. 

Domain Names

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